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Sarah + Jessi's Wedding Day; Watts Bar Lake Wedding Photographer

Years ago, I met Sarah through a mutual friend. We instantly bonded as kindred spirits, and since then we've kept in touch through social media. As soon as Sarah announced her engagement, I reached out to her to be her photographer. I wanted so badly to capture what I see in her. Plus, I couldn't wait to meet Jessi because I knew she had to be fabulous.

With wedding plans set, I envisioned this grand celebration in St. Louis with all their family and friends. (Yes, I'm always down for traveling for photography) Then, of course, the pandemic happened. Their plans for a fall wedding were changed and Sarah said they wouldn't need me. Their new plans happened to fall in line with all the precautions I am taking to still operate my business, and of course, it's important to get married with a photographer, no matter how small the wedding is!

With a new destination and a whole new set of plans, I'd like to share with you a peek at their wedding. Sit back, I'm sharing more than I usually do in a blog post.

Sarah, you found the unicorn you were looking for. Jessi is a unique and beautiful soul that draws everyone near her. I didn't take a moment to fill out my wish, but it is for you two to remember every day the love and happiness you felt on June 13, 2020. The tears and the joy you shared with those most important to you will become far more important than sharing it with 150 people. Thank you for letting me photograph your day and for the feeling like I belonged there too.


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