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Amanda + Jon Wedding Day; Huntsville, AL wedding photographer

The Chapel on the Mountain is a beautiful location for a wedding. The waterfall that flows off the rocks at the outdoor location makes such a romantic natural back drop for a ceremony. And those doors! Take a peek at those doors!

That morning was one of the coldest days of the winter season. Amanda and Jon had a vision of an outdoor ceremony in front of the waterfall. When the temperatures remained below freezing at noon, they had an important decision to make. The three of us discussed it in detail and I told them I have witnessed a few wedding days go as unplanned and I learned that it comes down to what you want for your ceremony. The ceremony isn't for your wedding guests. It's for the two of you. If you want it, go for it. Go for it they did and you know what? In the end it wasn't that bad and no one froze to death.

These two have a love for each other that shows in the way he reaches for her hand when she's near and she looks up at him with love in her eyes. May you love each other every day as much as you did on your wedding day. Jon, always remember that Amanda's fingers are your true wedding ring. May you both use this in times that you need to remember how the two of you can make anything work... together.


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