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Haley's Motorcycle Photoshoot; Northeast Alabama photographer

Haley contacted me to do a shoot of her with her motorcycle and I was beyond delighted to try something new! We even got her husband in on a few of them! It was a beautiful day for photography in Scottsboro and this is how it went!

Through winding roads, she takes her flight,

A woman fierce, a fearless sight.

On her motorbike, she does soar,

The open road, her endless lore.

Her hair dances in the wind's embrace,

As she conquers each twist and space.

With every turn, a thrill she finds,

Leaving all worries behind.

Her heart beats to the engine's roar,

As she explores, seeking more and more.

A rebel spirit, wild and free,

A woman on her motorbike spree.

In leather clad, with eyes aglow,

She rides through sunsets' fiery show.

A symbol of strength bold and true,

This woman on her motorcycle, she'll always renew.

~Ashley Colòn


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