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Candace + Jonathan; Cloudland Canyon Wedding

We all know 2020 changed everything in our lives, and it changed the wedding plans for these two.

Candace and Jonathan contacted me to capture their wedding to happen this fall on their sailboat and we began making plans. I began dreaming of sunset shots of a bride and groom sailing off into the sunset... The couple needed to move their wedding up so the groom's brother could attend before he begins basic training. Unfortunately due to COVID, their preferred location wasn't available. They chose the next best thing. A shelter in the middle of a Georgia State Park.

Candy literally had me at, "I'm getting married." The two of us were schoolmates. I remember knowing her back to first or second grade. Both our last names ended in S, so every class we had together, we were almost always sitting beside each other. On picture day, there we were in line together. When someone I know contacts me to capture anything, but especially a wedding, I'm there ready to shoot. It is easier for me to capture emotions when I already know what to look for. Then I met Jonathan. I don't think he stopped smiling from the moment I met him. He's the kind of guy people are drawn to. The kind of guy that makes you feel welcome. The kind of guy that stares at his bride across the room and smothers her with kisses when he sees her.

Candy, you are so lucky to have a man love you with the power Jonathan loves you. Jonathan, you are so lucky to have her smile that special smile just for you. I'm so lucky to capture your love and be there on your special day. Thank you for choosing me and now, here are a few of my favorites from your day...


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