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Sarah + Justin's Wedding Day; photographer at the Vulcan in Birmingham, AL

Twenty-two years ago I met a little boy who quickly found a special place in my heart. His uncle was my boyfriend and while it was many years later before he officially became my nephew, he's been my nephew since day one. When that once little boy went to college, one Thanksgiving her brought this happy, out-going girl whose soul shines brightly. That day I told him she was the one and her needed to do all he could to hang onto this girl and love her fiercely.

Well he hung onto this one and years after they grew their love for each other, he proposed to her. Luckily, I was there to capture it and you can see it HERE

Fast forward to 2020, and here we are...

Justin and Sarah, may you always love one another with that powerful love everyone sees in you two. May your highs be so high that they drown out the lows. May you sleep on that argument and wake up with an understanding that you have each other and the tools to work on your problems. May you never forget how special your wedding day was, and that despite things not going exactly as planned, it all worked out to be a perfect day.

I love you both with the most powerful love I can give.

~Your Aunt Ashley

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