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Justin's Proposal to Sarah

With a little planning and a lot of thought, Justin and I came up with the perfect spot for him to propose to his girlfriend of 4 years, Sarah. What better place than where they had their first date? We both knew that Sarah wanted her proposal to be captured on camera, but how could we do this so she wouldn't put the puzzle pieces together?

Justin is my husband's nephew, and I've been in his life since he was a toddler. I have watched him grow from a little boy into a wonderful man. Then one day he introduced us to Sarah. I don't think I've ever met a more gentle and happy soul than Sarah. From that first meeting it was easy to tell she was knitted in every way for Justin.

So back to the proposal session.... We tricked Sarah into thinking she and Justin were going to do a session for me for the local Chamber of Commerce. Since she knew that I was doing some work on a few projects, she really didn't think anything out of the ordinary. It's safe to say we pulled off the surprise and I wanted to show you a little bit of the session...

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