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Happy 10th Birthday Giveaway!

10 years ago this month I started my photography adventure as a business. I had no idea at the time that it would bloom into what it has today. Several of you have been there from day one, and I cannot thank you enough. I don't have a running tally of every shoot or wedding I've done, but I should. I know I have done hundreds of photo shoots and almost 100 weddings. It's so hard to believe my shutter has clicked for thousands and thousands of photographs. Some of those photographs hang in your home and some are on your social media pages. No matter how you choose to display my art, my heart sings a happy tune when I see it. Thank you family, friends and clients. Thank you to the clients who have become friends. Thank you to my husband and mom who pushed me to start this business when I thought it was a lost cause. Thank you to friends who share my posts and recommend me to your friends. Thank you to clients who send me such lovely feedback. Thank you to anyone who trusts me to capture your memories for you. I hope to be looking back 10 years from now and thanking you again.

While we wait on more time to go by and memories to be captured, make sure you enter my giveaway!

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