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Quincey + Miles wedding day // Jackson, Tn wedding photographer

This day turned out to be a great day! I know to these two it seemed like nothing was going right. Due to circumstances out of their control, they had to change their venue at the last minute to this old hotel lobby. It really didn't matter that the things that went wrong did because both of them remained calm throughout the entire day. The venue was beautiful as well.

Then they finally had their first look, and that was perfect. His reaction was the kind that almost every bride wishes from her groom. I loved how he closed his eyes, even though his back was turned. When I asked him if he wanted to look up at my camera for a second, he just shook his head no. I smiled because I understood. In that moment, I could feel how big his heart was swelling. Then there she was, "more beautiful than he imagined."

Miles and Quincey, I can see just how real your love for each other is. Never forget that. Miles, never forget the way you felt when you first saw her, both on your wedding day and in the fraternity house. Quincey, never forget the way he holds you, and your light shines from the inside out. Always remember that your best friend is the one you wake up to each morning. Never forget how you made such an unperfectly day perfect, because it was. I wish you a lifetime of loving one another.

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