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Lindsay + Jesse's Wedding Day / Pisgah, Al wedding photographer

These two had such a beautiful day in Pisgah! They both looked smashing in their wedding attire and the love, oh how it shined! I included the first time he saw her, just so everyone that was wanting to peek could see how happy he was. Thank you both for choosing me to capture your special day. I was honored to be surrounded by so much love!

Jesse, may you never forget the way your smile spreads across your face when you see her walk into a room.

Lindsay, may you always remember that your love for him grows every second. May you always smile when you hear "Jessie's Girl," and remember the way you light up when he tucks your hair behind your ear.

Enjoy your honeymoon and take a look at what I saw on your wedding day!!

And if you were there, you know this was one of the sweetest moments of the night. In case you weren't, the groom had a dance just for his grandmother. The song was perfect and their love just shined. Not a dry eye in the house!!

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