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Lane + Don's Wedding Day / Scottsboro, Al wedding photographer

Lane and Don's wedding day was so romantic and perfect! From the smallest details to the grandest, every touch was added with love and it showed. I am honored to photograph the last Warr daughter's wedding, as I captured the other two as well. It has developed a relationship with this family that allows me to notice the finer details and respect the creativity from their parents. Lane and Don, may you forever feel the love you had for each other on your wedding day. Don, always reach for her hand and watch as her smile spreads across her face. Lane, whisper to him what you love the most about him. It causes his face to shine with love. Be yourselves when you are together, because your love fits like a glove. Have fun on your trip to Jamaica. Take in the culture. While you're there, take a look inside your wedding day....

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