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Morgan + Will's wedding day; Scottsboro, Al wedding photographer

I don't know if I've ever captured a more perfect wedding. Seriously. Nothing went wrong. Everyone was on time, early even and ready for me to capture moments before our set times. The bride's dress didn't rip, she didn't forget her jewelry, nothing broke, it was simply perfection. Ok, so maybe one of the groom's buttons had issues, but he was prepared with back ups. I don't count that. There was so much love radiating that day. Since these two are affiliated with the Navy and live out of town, I didn't actually meet them until their wedding day. Morgan and I spent many hours and many phone calls planning, to the point that I knew it wouldn't make a difference. I was right. What a kindred spirit I found in Morgan! It became apparent to me as the day unfolded that she has this light that draws others to her. I love the way Will watches her as it happens. The love in his eyes glows almost as brightly as her light for others, as you can see...

What an honor it was to capture this day for her father, who has made a big impact on my family's lives. I see so much of him in Morgan.

Morgan and Will, may you always love each other like you did on your wedding day. Will, may you forever remember the way you looked at her after she tapped you on your shoulder for your first look. Morgan, may you never forget the way his hand fit perfectly in yours as you looked up at him while hearing Micaiah speak of your love. May your love continue to grow and thank you for the absolute honor of capturing this day.

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